Hello world!

When I look around the internet, I can’t help but think, this thing doesn’t have enough blogs. So I’m starting one to, you know, fill the void.

This isn’t my first blog. I was blogging in 2002 on my now terribly outdated site turtle-is.com. Of course no one knew what a blog was then, including me, but apparently I was way ahead of my time.

I’ve put off blogging because I figured as a developer I should build my own site to blog on (which I could totally do, if I wanted to), but I think its better not to deal with that now. I’ve gotten so lazy with age (not really, I’ve always been super lazy).

I expect most of this blog to be about development and business and video games and technology because those are things that interest me and I’m not planning on sharing overly personal stuff here (like pictures of my kids or my cat) because that’s what I have Facebook for and I see no reason for internet strangers to give a crap (or internet friends for that matter, but whatev).

(And yes I like to put my tangents in parenthesis and it will happen a lot (maybe someday I’ll make a tangent hider for the blog that you can click to make them all be hidden, but I wouldn’t count on it because then my blog would be very short (and yes I can tangent in a tangent in a tangent, wheee!).)


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