My name is Blaise Alicki. I’m originally from Grand Rapids, MI. I now live in Raleigh, NC with my wife, step-daughter and son.

I’ve been doing web development since 2003, primarily in ASP.NET with some Adobe Flash/Flex on occasion. Most of my work has been at small businesses for small businesses. I’m currently doing awesome things at InspectionXpert.

I’ve recently gotten into building Windows Phone apps and have 3 published in the Marketplace so far: Camera Hack, Cloud Catcher and Metro Timer. I have also built a Windows 8 version of Camera Hack called Photo Hack.

I like to play video games. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since February 2005. Aside from Warcraft, Nintendo’s games are my favorites.

Standard disclaimer: anything I write here is my own opinion and does not reflect the views or opinions of my employer or others employed by my employer or other employers of others employed by my employer.

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