Camera Hack – About page

About pages are mandatory in Windows Phone apps. You may occasionally come across apps that don’t have them because Microsoft was rather loose with the rules when they were first getting the marketplace approval processes worked out. An application must include the application name, version information, and technical support contact information that are easily discoverable.… Continue reading Camera Hack – About page

Camera Hack – background threads on WP7

For me, coming from a mostly web development background, threads are one of those things that I’m aware of and avoid at all costs. They seem complicated and they’re difficult to debug and they’re just yucky. They are also incredibly necessary if you want a responsive user interface during long running tasks (like manipulating every… Continue reading Camera Hack – background threads on WP7

My 30 to launch app – Camera Hack

I’ve already let the blogging slip, I’ve been preoccupied with getting my app, Camera Hack, done by the deadlines in the¬† contest. The first deadline was Feb 13, where my goal was to be one of the first 500 to submit a partially completed app with fast application switching enabled. The result of meeting this… Continue reading My 30 to launch app – Camera Hack