Beringei – A High-Performance Time Series Storage Engine

Each system and service at Facebook writes hundreds to thousands of counters to our storage engine, and this data is available to query in real time by engineers looking at dashboards and doing ad-hoc performance analysis.

Beringei currently stores up to 10 billion unique time series and serves 18 million queries per minute, powering most of the performance and health monitoring at Facebook while enabling our engineers and analysts to make decisions quickly with accurate, real-time data.

The .NET Language Strategy

…this year’s Stack Overflow developer survey shows C# as one of the most popular programming languages, surpassed only by Java and of course JavaScript…

C# is also one of the few big mainstream languages to figure on the most loved top 10 in the StackOverflow survey, joining Python as the only two programming languages occurring on both top 10s.

We will keep growing C# to meet the evolving needs of developers and remain a state of the art programming language. We will innovate aggressively, while being very careful to stay within the spirit of the language. Given the diversity of the developer base, we will prefer language and performance improvements that benefit all or most developers, avoiding over-focusing on a given segment. We will continue to empower the broader ecosystem and grow its role in C#’s future, while maintaining strong stewardship of design decisions to ensure continued coherence.

Julia – Dynamic Programming Language for Technical Computing

The Julia language provides a fresh new approach to numerical computing, where there is no longer a compromise between performance and productivity. A high-level language that makes writing natural mathematical code easy, with runtime speeds approaching raw C, Julia has been used to model economic systems at the Federal Reserve, drive autonomous cars at University of California Berkeley, optimize the power grid, calculate solvency requirements for large insurance firms, model the US mortgage markets and map all the stars in the sky.

It would be no surprise then that Julia is a natural fit in many areas of machine learning. ML, and in particular deep learning, drives some of the most demanding numerical computing applications in use today. And the powers of Julia make it a perfect language to implement these algorithms.